Union Square Park Greenmarket & my New Asian Vegan Spot in NYC

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that’ I’ve been Plant-Based for about a year now. I talk about my gradual journey that started over 3 years ago in this YouTube Video and blog post. For those of you who have known me for years, you know I used to be a food blogger/vlogger called “Marian the Foodie”. Many people ask me if I still love food now that I am plant-based and the answer is a HELL YES!!! Why would I stop loving food because I am no longer eating meat and seafood? I think my love for food has actually blossomed more because I am more conscious of what I eat and put into my body. I talk about Living a Conscious Lifestyle often because that is a way of life for me now. I pay attention to what I eat, where it is coming from, is it ethical, etc. I also pay attention to the products I use, where I travel and what I spend my money on. I know there are so many more things I can do to be even more eco-friendly and conscious but I think every choice we make, no matter how small, makes a huge difference. My choices and your choices matter!

I was in NYC recently and I went to the Union Square Park Greenmarket on a Saturday morning before going to a spin class at Monster Cycle. Those of you that follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, you totally should!) you know that I loooove Farmers Markets! It’s usually part of my Saturday routine. I go to my 90 min Hot Yoga class then I take my sweaty ass to the Brickell City Centre Farmers Market. Anyways… I got so excited when I arrived at the Union Square Park Greenmarket that I started thinking of all the things I wanted to buy and what to cook for dinner. Then I remembered that I don’t even live in NY so I was getting way too excited LOL! I bought broccoli sprouts thinking I could put them in my hotel fridge but I didn’t realize that my hotel room had no fridge. So they ended up going bad by the time I went back to Miami. Booooo! So sad!

If you ever near Union Square Park, they have this Greenmarket every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, all year round! Love it!

Every time I travel, I love finding great restaurants that are either vegan/vegetarian or have vegan/vegetarian options. I found an incredible all vegan Asian restaurant called Franchia Vegan Cafe and was so happy I almost cried. Why? Because Miami sorely lacks really good Asian food and the fact that this was a vegan spot… Happy tears for damn sure! They have an extensive menu of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes all veganized! I wanted to order EVERYTHING!!! But of course I didn’t. But you know what I did do?… I went back there again the next day and brought my sister. If I was in NYC longer, I probably would’ve gone back for a 3rd time. :p

I also met up friends and ate at By Chloe and abc-V which is the sister restaurant to ABC Kitchen. Brunch at abc-V is amazing!!! They are attached to each other so you can walk through one restaurant to get to the other side.  Both delicious as well!  I love all the vegan food spots in NYC and more are popping up the time. I love seeing vegan/vegetarian dishes in many restaurant menus too!

Do you have any favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurants that you recommend? How about restaurants that have yummy plant-based options?


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