We all have parts of us that need healing. We have an Inner Child/Past Self inside of us that was once ignored, hurt, betrayed, terrorized, and/or wounded. We have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma. If you have been violated emotionally, sexually, physically or mentally, experienced abandonment or other traumatic experiences, it’s very likely you still carry that energetic trauma with you until adulthood. As a defense mechanism, we try to protect ourselves from suffering by trying to forget, numb and ignore painful times. We seek distractions such as alcohol, drugs, sex, food and other addictions. We bury those feelings and memories deep down in our unconscious mind. However, it influences how we live our lives.

In our Timeline Healing Sessions, I will work with you to heal those past traumas and energy blocks. I will teach you breathing techniques and exercises to ground your energy. I will lead you on a deep guided journey to take you back into different times in your life to heal those timelines. Intuitive oracle card readings can also be included in your session. Oracle cards, also called wisdom cards, are divination tools used for spiritual guidance. This reading will aid you in gaining clarity and understanding over specific situations and questions. They will give you positive and empowering insights from your angel, spirit guides and other high vibrational beings.

Healing is a continuous life process. Just when we think we have done all we can, more layers reveal themselves for us to work through and break through. From my experience, my clients who work with me more than once or on an on-going basis see the most progress. Together, we are able to work through various traumas and energy blocks that are affecting their lives in different ways. Everything is connected.

Sessions are available in person and online.

For questions and to book a custom healing and meditation session with me, please email marian@marianbacoluba.com