MWM – Forgiveness Series: Forgiving Others (Part 2)

This is Video #2 of my Forgiveness Video Series. This is a topic I get asked to talk about a lot and was requested by some members of my #ThriverTribe to do a video on. It’s something I had to learn and really practice especially going through my trauma healing; forgiving myself, my abuser and other people involved. Once I was able to follow all these steps, I was able to heal deep emotional, spiritual, psychological wounds.

Forgiving others doesn’t mean we condone their actions. It means that we release the energy of anger, hate, fear, etc. that their action had on us. It means we acknowledge that they are imperfect human beings just like us but we can send them love anyways. Often times, those that do things out of fear and hate need the most love. We don’t know everyone’s story of how they got to where they got in life. Everyone needs love.




There are 4 videos to this series that should be watched in order from 1-4.
Video 1: Forgiving Yourself
Video 2: Forgiving Others
Video 3: Letting Go and Moving On
Video 4: Keeping Your Heart Open

I hope this video helps you let go of all the shame, anger and guilt you have been carrying around. Those are such heavy and unnecessary energies to hold within your energy space and bodies.

Is there someone or something you need to forgive in your life?

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