Manifesting my 2018 Vision Board

Do you have clarity on your purpose, your goals and your intentions?

The Universe WANTS to give you want you want but if you don’t even know what that is, how can you manifest it? You have to be CLEAR on what you truly want, be able to VISUALIZE what that is and step into the FEELING that it’s already yours. When we match our THOUGHTS, with our ACTIONS and our ENERGY, we can manifest the life we truly want!

I used to think I didn’t have the power to manifest and create what I wanted in my life but I realized I had a lot of limiting beliefs holding me back. I had to change my mindset. I didn’t think I was worthy or good enough. I didn’t incorporate the feelings and energy into my visualization. Now that I do all of  that, I can see my life unfolding and manifesting before my eyes and it’s amazing!

If you haven’t already, write down your intentions for this year. Then, get those creative juices flowing and create a vision board! Carmel and I created ours on the New Moon at my friend Nadia’s Vision Board Workshop. I see my board every day and when I meditate, I see it already come true and feeling it in my mind’s eye and feel the energy in my body. I am taking the necessary steps to get all the things I know that I deserve in life to fulfill my purpose in this lifetime. I BELIEVE that it will happen! .

What do YOU want to manifest  this year for yourself???


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