Full Moon Intention Setting Ritual

I’v posted about my New Moon Intention Setting Ritual and other rituals such as my Morning Routine, Gratitude Practice and Journal Writing in the past and realized that I didn’t post anything for my Full Moon Intention Setting Ritual. How did I miss that?! So here it is. 🙂

The energy during a Full Moon is INTENSE! I find myself extra sensitive and emotional during both New Moons and Full Moons. My intuitive abilities are also heightened during this time and I always look forward to my moon ritual because I can get into deeper meditation and channel other beings like my spirit guides, angels and my grandmother. The Full Moon is a time for completing projects and things you are working on. This makes room for your intentions to manifest. It releases stagnant and blocked energies to create a clear path. It is a perfect time for releasing something or someone that no longer serves you. It’s an opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs holding you back. Since everything is energy, including us, we are always changing and evolving. As you grow in your spiritual practice and expand your awareness, you shed pieces of the old you that you have outgrown.

A Full Moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke this time of purging, letting go, creating new space and releasing. Sometimes I go to powerful Full Moon gatherings with other amazing souls and it can be a more elaborate ritual. Many times, I like to be by myself, get grounded, centered and go inward.

I do this ritual in the privacy and silence of my room. If I am traveling, I perform my ritual in my hotel room or find a private room. This is a sacred time for me so I make sure I block out time in my schedule. Rituals such as this should be somewhere private and quiet so that you can meditate and be able to clearly receive guidance from the Divine, you Highest Self, your angels, guides, and other beings you maybe channeling.

Here is what I do for my Ritual:

  1. Take a Spiritual Bath. I don’t always have the time to do this for every New Moon and Full Moon but I try to do this more for Full Moons. Spiritual baths are amazing to take regularly for different purposes but during a Full Moon, envision all the things you need to let go and release being washed away during this bath.
  2. Cleanse myself and my space. I use either white sage or palo santo or both. I also cleanse my journal, oracle cards and crystals.
  3. Burn incense and light candles. I use different scents depending on what I am focused on releasing. For example, I want to release limiting beliefs related to my root chakra (sense of worthiness and feelings of family guilt) so I use earthy scents like frankincense, sandalwood, cinnamon and ylang ylang.
  4. Create your meditation and writing space. I sit comfortably usually with a few crystals in a crystal grid in front of me or around me. The crystals I use depend on what I am focused on releasing and what I want intend to bring in. I always have my amethyst and rose quartz crystals with me and meditate with my selenite wands.
  5. Journal writing. I start journal writing all the things I want to let go of and the intentions I want to bring in and manifest for the next month or year. Be open and honest with yourself. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and really dig deep. What do you need to release? What habits are holding you back? Who’s energy do you need to let go off? What do you want to call into your life? I have really been tapping into my Divine Feminine/Goddess Energy and invoking Shakti (Hindu Deity/Divine Mother/Divine Feminine) during the moon cycles. Sometimes it’s Goddess Saraswati, sometimes it’s Goddess Lakshmi, other times it’s Goddess Kali or perhaps it’s all of them through Durga.
  6. Meditation. After I finish writing, I read everything I have written then I meditate. I usually meditate for 25-30 minutes. I ask my angels and guides to help me fulfill my intentions and I pray for guidance and love. Often times I also channel my angels, my spirit guides, etc.
  7. Oracle Card Reading. After I finish meditating, I pick a card from my Goddess Oracle Deck. I close my ritual by giving thanks to my Highest Self, God/Goddess, all my angels and guides. Then I usually go to bed after, have amazing dreams and a restful night’s sleep.

That’s my ritual. 😊 Feel free to do what resonates with you. Remember this is your practice. Trust your intuition. What is your Full Moon ritual like? What do you incorporate in yours? I would love to hear what you all do!

Have a beautiful Full Moon night with La Luna!


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