MWM – The Importance of Conscious Breathing

I talk a lot about meditation and how it changed my life. However, there is a key component to it that is taught not only in meditation but it yoga, sports, etc. It is proper breathing. I call it conscious breathing. It’s being aware of your breath, the inhalations and exhalations. It is following your breath, the gateway to your prana or life force. It is the key to being present and mindful. Most people go through life either in the past or the future, and not in the present moment. Breathing consciously brings you right into this present moment. Controlling and following your breath as it nurousihes and sustains your body is so vital.

If you are trying to get into meditation but feel like you can’t focus on clearing your mind, focus instead on your breath. Make it a practice and get into the habit of paying attention to your breath. You can do this anywhere and any time. My video talks more about it!





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