MWM – Mindfulness Series: Mindful Driving (Video 5)

This is Video #5 of my Mindfulness Series. Many of us drive every day. Some even for hours just to and from work. It all adds up to a significant portion of our lives. We are distracted by our phones (I know I’m guilty of this too) and we can get road rage easily from sitting in traffic or having other people cut us off. What if we started approaching driving more mindfully. Actually being in the present moment while we drive. Observing the road, the signs, the trees, the sky and clouds. What if instead of being angry at traffic, we took the time to be grateful that we have paved roads to drive on and cars that work.

What is mindfulness? We hear about it all the time but not many are practicing it. We actually go through life pretty “mind-LESS-ly”; we are sleeping, like zombies or robots. Most people are looking down at their phone screens than up and seeing the beauty that our Universe and human experience has to offer.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. It is bringing conscious awareness to the present moment. It’s actually easier to do than you may think. It just takes attention and intention. We can be mindful all throughout our day. Once you start regularly practicing mindfulness, you are able to see the miracles that occur all the time, everywhere. Colors are brighter and you begin to cultivate more love, gratitude and compassion.

I wanted to highlight these 5 ways that you can practice mindfulness in your life. Perhaps start with one thing and slowly start adding the other ways. There are 5 videos total in this series. Each video can stand independently but is more effective when you practice all 5 ways.

How do you practice mindfulness?

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