MWM – Embracing Our Feminine Energy

This has been a work in progress for me over the last few years because I used to have such an imbalance of masculine energy and I didn’t embrace the strength and grace of my feminine. I now realize that we need to embrace our feminine energies even more in this present day. This is both for MEN and WOMEN! We all have both energies and need to find the balance of both… the Yin and the Yang; Sun and Moon. We need more collaboration over competition, love over hate, more compassion, kindness, authenticity and vulnerability to counteract the countless years of imbalanced masculine energies that have led to wars, aggression, anger, violence and hostility.

I talk about this in greater detail on my podcast, Episode 4 of the Thriver Lifestyle Podcast, available on iTunes, Google Play Music and Stitcher.




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