Thriver Lifestyle Podcast is now LIVE on iTunes and Stitcher!

I am soooo excited because my podcast is now LIVE! I launched it last night on the Capricorn New Moon! Talk about CREATING and MANIFESTING! This podcast idea was birthed from the process of writing my book, Survivor to Thriver. I really wanted a creative space and medium to talk more about all the ways I have found my purpose, healing and deepened my spirituality to living a thriving life. I also wanted an opportunity to learn from so many other amazing Thrivers out there in the world who are also following their passions and purpose and are in alignment with their Highest Selves.

Podcast Description: Join me as I share my own experience of transformation from a Survivor to a THRIVER! I also connect you to inspirational thought leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, yogis, energy healers, lightworkers and experts who share their knowledge and experience in how to live a life they love while making a positive impact in this world and collectively raising global consciousness. This show explores Spirituality, Holistic Health and Wellness, Personal Development, Alternative Medicine and more to help you live your soul’s true purpose, be the best version of yourself and truly THRIVE in life. Enjoy the show and please don’t forget to RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE!

I would LOVE to get your feedback on my show because it will continue to evolve and grow as I continue to evolve and grow as well. Any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. are greatly appreciated!

Listen to my podcast on iTunes through the link below or you can search for “Thriver Lifestyle” in your Podcast App on your iPhone.

You can also listen to my podcast on Stitcher.


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