Splits, Sunsets and Scenic ATV Rides in Santorini, Greece


Splits in Santorini! The people around were looking at me weird but at least I got a great pic!

Greece has always been on the top of my travel bucket list and I finally got to visit! YAY! If you think the photos are spectacular… the photos don’t even do it justice. Visiting Santorini was my favorite part of my Euro trip. You have views for days! Sunrises and sunsets against the blue water and the white painted buildings are spectacular. Perfect for photos!

Group photo with my girlfriends =)

We stayed in Fira/Thira (same thing but spelled both ways), which is the main hub of the island. You will find most of the hotels, ATV/car/scooter rentals, shopping and great dining here. Everything is open later and it is so lively at night. Shops stay open until about 1am and the restaurants and lounges/bars stay open until 4am or later. Oia gets pretty quiet and sleepy early so if you are looking for things to do later in the evening, you definitely want to go to Fira.


* Travel Tip: RENT ATVs! DO IT! It was SO MUCH FUN! It’s the best way to get around and there are tons of free parking spaces for them.

ATV riding was the highlight of my trip! You can drive around the island and stop at certain areas to take photos. There are so many scenic places. We were able to ride our ATVs to the Red Beach, to Oia to catch the magnificent sunset that is highly photographed. I wish we stayed in Santorini for another day because I wanted to explore more of the island.

We rented from Mojo Motor. There are many shops with ATV rentals so it’s always a great idea to compare prices. We paid 20 Euros for 1 day for the 150 cc ATV (It can fit 2 people but I think it was best for just 1 person.) 35 Euros for 1 day for the 300 cc ATV which is much more powerful. If you are a bigger guy or have 2 people riding, I highly recommend renting this one.

There is a 24 hour bakery in the center of town, called Bakery Svoronos that has the best Greek desserts and pastries. Their 1 Euro espressos and 1 Euro mini ice cream bites are pretty awesome. Stop by here for sure on your visit.


* Travel Tip – Start your day early with a gorgeous view, coffee and breakfast. You’ll get the best lighting for photos before it gets too hot and crowded. By the afternoon, restaurants and the walk ways were packed!



Unbelievably beautiful sunsets

Seriously, thousands of people gather to the West side of Oia just to snap photos of the sunset. If you are staying at Oia and have a view of the sunset from your hotel room, sit back, relax, drink and enjoy. If you are not staying in Oia and are looking for a spot, there is a pool and lounge at the far end of Oia that is the perfect place to your sunset photos. It is called Lioyerma Lounge Pool Bar. It’s open to the public. You can order food, wine and relax as you take in the beauty all around you.

We rode our ATVs back to Fira in the evening and that night ride was a lot of fun. The day was extremely warm and sunny so riding with a cool breeze was refreshing.


Lioyerma Lounge Pool Bar

I was only in Santorini for 2 nights so I am definitely going back! I fell in love with the island and it’s beauty.

Have you been to Santorini? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear in the comments section!

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