Scooters in Florence and Villa Bordoni in the Tuscan Countryside

I had such a whirlwind trip to Europe then hit the ground running with work when I got back. After a couple of weeks, I was finally able to sit down, breathe and write about my travels! Hope you were following me on Instagram because I posted a lot on IG stories and share my photos on my feed. If not, click on that FOLLOW button per favore!

My first leg of the trip was in Italy. I visited Florence a few years ago but was excited to return because I love Firenze! Florence is a picturesque city that is the main hub before driving into the Tuscan countryside. During this second visit, I noticed that it was just as clean (compared to other Italian cities such as Rome) and beautiful as I remembered. Many people visit for the amazing shopping, dining, to see the various museums and the Duomo. On this trip, I did something different that made it an even more amazing experience! My friends and I rented scooters! VROOOM VROOOM! It was soooo fun to drive around the city and we were able to get around much faster than by car or walking.

My favorite part about renting scooters was being able to go up to the mountain overlooking the city and watching the sunset. In my previous trip, I hiked all the way up and it was a workout. If you want to burn some extra calories from all the Italian food you’re probably eating, by all means… hike up. If you want to leisurely enjoy the scenery and not sweat your makeup off… rent scooters like I did.

 * coz you know… the wink and the gun ;p *

The views from the top were spectacular and every time I took a photo, it looked like it was from a movie or painting. You can see the massive Duomo structure, the canal and all the clay-colored rooftops of all the buildings. It’s an amazing sight to see. We were able to drive up and all around the mountains, see some of the mansions and drive through the city with ease.

* Travel Tip – Most of the center of the city is a permit only zone. Make sure whoever you rent your scooters from has a permit or else you will be fined hefty traffic tickets.

I wish we had more time with the scooters because we didn’t get a chance to drive to Chianti, the vineyards and all the neighboring villages. Next time!

I rented with Tuscany Scooter Rental and they were so helpful! I highly recommend getting a rental from them. It was only 60 Euros for 24 hours. Totally worth it!


After two days in Florence, my friends and I went to Villa Bordoni. Located in Greve, in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Villa Bordoni is a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL villa in the heart of the countryside. It’s situated on a hilltop so you can view all the various vineyards for miles and miles. The rustic structure had lush green vines all along the walls of the villa. I absolutely LOVE that look! I had to take a few photos in front of it!

* Travel Tip: Negotiate the full rate of your cab ride from Florence to wherever you are going in Tuscany UPFRONT. Make sure it’s for the entire ride and that’s the final amount. Our cab driver added a surprise additional “cost to return back to Florence” fee on top of the whole ride. 

My friends rented out the entire villa for their Tuscan themed wedding and it was so beautiful! We filled up the whole place with our party. Thank you Stacey and Chern aka Chacey, for letting me be a part of your magical wedding. I know there were some hiccups with luggage and other things, but your wedding was straight out of a fairy tale book.

Scenic. Relaxing. Picturesque. Peaceful. I even had a morning to myself to meditate and write in my journal. I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and was completely in the moment, taking in all of nature’s beauty around me.

* Travel Tip – My usual daily meditation books are super thick and difficult to travel with especially when you are trying to travel light. I bring this smaller, compact meditation book whenever I travel. It’s one of my favorites (I even have tattoos of 2 verses from this book on my right inner arm) called The 73 Names of God: Technology for the Soul by Yehuda Berg. It’s a beautiful Kabbalah meditation book that’s filled with insight, light and love. 

The staff at Villa Bordoni were extremely helpful and friendly. They were catering to all of our needs even though we were a loud and crazy bunch that kept them up every night because we were at the bar until 4am. They were very accommodating to my dietary needs and whipped up delicious vegetarian meals for me during my entire stay with them.

Their bread was always freshly baked. Their cheese and pesto sauce were made fresh and their tomatoes… OMG!!! I was obsessed with how sweet, juicy and delicious their tomatoes were! The truffle dish on their menu is also to die for. *drool* We ordered it several times.

After 2 nights at Villa Bordoni, we were off to Greece!…

Tuscany Scooter Rental – Viale Matteotti, 12, 53017 Radda in Chianti SI, Italy

Villa Bordoni – Via S. Cresci, 31-32, 50022 Mezzuola, Greve in Chianti FI, Italy

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