New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

The New Moon in Libra is tonight so I thought I would share my personal New Moon Intention Setting Ritual with you. This is something I’ve started to take more seriously as I continue to delve deeper into spirituality and expand my consciousness and awareness. I’ve been setting rituals for myself¬† for the past couple of years such as my Morning Routine, Gratitude Practice and Journal Writing. These productive habits have made a huge positive impact on my life so I decided to also create a ritual for New Moons and Full Moons. I want to be intentional and purposeful with my life because I truly believe we are powerful souls having a human experience and we are co-creators of our lives. We should be intentional and aware in all that we do.

The Moon is a powerful force and energy in our world. It dictates the ocean’s tides, the growth of plants and so much more. We can utilize this energy with our thoughts and intentions. New Moons represent the beginning of a cycle and occurs about every 29 days.¬†New Moons symbolizes new beginnings and creation. It is a great time to set intentions for goals and projects you would like to create, develop and manifest!

Pictured above: Sage smudge stick, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards Deck by Doreen Virtue, amethyst crystal, angel aura crystal, malachite and amethyst mala beads, Kuan Yin-Goddess of Compassion and my journal

There are many ways to set intentions during a New Moon. It can be as simple or elaborate as you would like it to be. It can be short or long. It’s entirely up to you! When I first started, I would just think and reflect on my upcoming projects and set my intentions in my head. Then, I began writing things down in my journal. Then I added in saging and burning incense. Earlier this year, I started building my altar. I am continuously adding new crystals, stones, incense, oracle cards, candles, figurines and photos to my altar. Now I incorporate my crystals and oracle cards to my ritual.

I do my ritual in the privacy and silence of my room. I have an amazing balcony with lots of space that would be a perfect place to do my rituals but it gets extremely windy and very loud since I am in the middle of Downtown Miami and in a high rise building. Rituals such as this should be somewhere private and quiet so that you can meditate and be able to clearly receive guidance from God/Universe/Source, your angels, guides, etc.

Here is what I do for my ritual:

  1. Sage my space, journal, oracle cards and crystals to clear any negative energies and low vibrations.
  2. Burn incense (I usually use frankincense or white sage) or I burn one of my candles. Lately, I’ve been loving my Premonitions and Gemini candles from the Moody Candle Company.
  3. I sit comfortably usually with a few crystals around or next to me. I always have my amethyst crystals with me and the rest depends on what chakra(s) I am focusing on for this coming month.
  4. I start journal writing 5-10 intentions for the next month. Things and projects that I want to start or create. It could be intentions to practice yoga at least 4-5x a week for this coming month. This is your chance to really focus on your top goals and priorities for this coming month. I wouldn’t write more than 10 because you will be scattered and may not be able to do it all. Just focus on a few things so that you can execute them well and fully. For example, a few of my intentions for this coming month is to launch my GoFundMe campaign to self publish my book, “Survivor to Thriver” and build my list of book supporters. Another intention is to write 2-3 pages for my book EVERY DAY. A 3rd intention is to lay the foundation for my podcast that I will launch in January 2018. I will need to line up the people that I am interviewing and my goal is to record at least 6 podcast episodes before I launch. Your intentions can be as simple as saying “Hi” to a stranger every day and smiling. It’s all up to YOU!
  5. After I finish writing, I read everything I have written then I meditate for 10-15 minutes. I ask my angels and guides to help me fulfill my intentions and I pray for guidance and love.
  6. I pick 1 card from my oracle deck that gives me guidance for the upcoming month.

That’s it! I always feel relaxed and inspired after this ritual and fall asleep very easily. =)

Do have a New Moon ritual? What do you incorporate in yours? I would love to hear what you all do! Maybe some of you play music or meditate using sound bowls. Maybe some burn different incense or candles. Maybe you like to use different crystals. I’d love to know!

Have a beautiful New Moon night!


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