How to Make Your Choices Matter by Living a Conscious Lifestyle

Over the years, as I’ve become more aware and conscious of my lifestyle, I’ve been paying much more attention to the products and brands I use and support. Living a conscious lifestyle also means conscious spending; Knowing that your money matters.

It’s basic economics. Supply and demand.

Many people think “I’m only one person, how can I help the world?!”. You can! Imagine if everyone realized how much power they had to make a difference! It’s like being in a big auditorium and having 1 person whisper. If you were on the opposite side of the venue, you may not hear it. But if it were 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 whispers, you will DEFINITELY hear it.

Because it’s a collective.

We are all part of the collective and when we change our own habits, lives and choices for the betterment of humanity and this world, we change ourselves as well as the collective consciousness.

I read all labels now in the food I eat, drink and use. I buy organic as much as I can. I go to the Farmers Markets. I support local businesses. I support purposeful businesses who have amazing missions and causes. I’ve blogged about some brands here and there, but I mostly post about them on Instagram. I’m going to start blogging more about it on more here. For those of you who know me from years ago in my food blogging days called Marian the Foodie, you know that I will only blog about things I’ve actually tried and like. If I don’t like it, I won’t post about it. Also, I will let you know if the post is sponsored or not.

This didn’t happen over night and I’m still working on living a more conscious lifestyle. I know that there is so much more I can change in my life, but I do strive to be a good and conscious human being. For example, I stopped eating meat and seafood last year but that journey started over 2 years ago for me. I cut out certain things little by little. I started replacing my meals with meat with plant based options slowly. The changes by living a plant based lifestyle has been LIFE CHANGING for me!

I no longer buy bags made out of leather but I still have ones that were given to me as gifts that I’m not going to throw out or donate. I like them and it has sentimental value to me. I’ve lessened my use of plastics and no longer ask for straws when I’m at restaurants. Plastic water bottles are being replaced with glass bottles at home. I bring and reuses a water bottle with me when I travel so I can fill it up with water at the airports instead of always buying a new plastic water bottle.

I’ve slowly been switching out my cleaning products, toiletries and makeup for cruelty free products that don’t test on animals. I support many vegan and conscious brands as much as possible. As consumers, where we spend our money matters.

It’s these incremental conscious decisions we make that will ultimately better our lives, the lives of others, help heal Mother Earth and raise global consciousness.

Just know that everything you do and the decisions you make have a ripple effect on your lives and the environment. Often times you don’t see the direct effect and sometimes you do.

We are all in this together! We are all connected! We are one! We need to take care and nurture our own bodies, our environments, Mother Earth, our planet… our home.

Just know that YOU can make a positive change in the world by living a more conscious lifestyle and working on yourself.

What healthy and conscious habits and lifestyle changes are you doing right now? Please share the conscious brands you are using and supporting!


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