Ibiza, Spain – A Day in Formentera

As I’m typing this, I am getting ready for a trip to New York where there weather will be record lows. 20s and 30s! I don’t do well in cold weather! LOL! This is why I live in Miami! The only reason I’m going is because it is my sister’s birthday. Melanie, if you’re reading this… you’re lucky I love you dammmit! LOL!

Anyways… Enough of the cold weather talk… on to warmer thoughts! Thoughts of my Europe trip not so long ago and finally visiting Ibiza!

To be quite honest, I didn’t really like Ibiza. I probably would’ve liked it years ago in my mid-20s, when I was in my peak partying days. These days, I’m way more chill and prefer laying out with a book and my idea of going out is dinner, a glass of wine and being home by 10pm.

However, there is a more mellow side to visiting Ibiza as well! Just like there was in Mykonos, Greece! Want something more chill? Go on a day trip to the nearby island of Formentera. =) Take one of the ferries from Ibiza to Formentera. There are several options but we rode on the cheapest one which is the Aquabus. It’s about 20 Euros for a roundtrip ticket and it takes about 1.5 hours on the ferry. Not bad at all and it’s a very scenic boat ride.

* Travel Tip: Buy your roundtrip ferry tickets online and save the paper tickets they give you. Don’t lose it because that’s your ticket back in the evening. The last Aquabus ferry ride is during the sunset hours so take awesome photos on the way back to Ibiza!

When you get off the pier in Formentera, to the left of the entrance there are a ton of shops, restaurants and rental places. We rented scooters again when we arrived in Formentera. Renting scooters is super fun in Europe because you can get around the small roads faster and see the views. We did this in Florence, Italy too and that was so much fun!

Some of my gfs rented bicycles and they also have ATV rentals, but they don’t allow ATVs on the beach so you’re better off renting a car, bike or scooter. We went to the famous Illetes beach, rented an umbrella and lounge chairs, and just enjoyed our day on the beach. There is a well known restaurant on this beach called Juan y Andrea. You can buy food, drinks and ice cream. Choose to eat there or get take out. I ordered take out and brought it back to our umbrellas on the beach.

* Travel Tip: Juan y Andrea can get pretty pricey so if you are on a budget, buy water, drinks and food before going to the beach. 

Crystal clear water and amazing scenery at Illetes Beach. Fun time with my gfs!

After a whole afternoon in Formentera, we caught the last ferry ride back to Ibiza. Super easy peasy day trip! The Aquabus ferry docks right in the middle of Ibizatown so you can easily go shopping and find restaurants right when you get off the boat.

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