Caves and Coves in Majorca, Spain

After a few days in Marrakesh, I was ready for a change in scenery. As interesting as Morocco was, I need to get out of the desert. It was super hot and dry, sort of like Las Vegas. I needed to see water. For me, beach and island destinations will always be my favorite. The water has always called me. I know it’s one of the reasons why Miami was so appealing. It’s hard to have a bad day and not feel grateful when you look out your window and see the water.

So after Marrakesh, I was off to Spain, my favorite country in Europe. Spanish culture and the cities I’ve visited in Spain light me up! I’ve been to Spain a few times and I never tire of going. There’s an energy there that really resonates with me. I truly believe I lived in Spain in one of my past lives, but that’s a different blog post (I love talking about past lives and past life regressions).

Since Morocco and Spain are pretty close in proximity, it was easy to travel between the 2 countries. Palma de Mallorca/Majorca is an island in South Spain that has some of the most beautiful beaches and coves. If you’re looking for something more mellow and relaxing than Ibiza, definitely visit Majorca.

I wasn’t in Majorca for long but in the short time my friends and I were there, we were able to visit the coolest caves and swim in the crystal clear waters of Playa de S’Amarador.

* Travel Tip: Rent a car. Most of the cool beaches and things to see in Majorca are pretty spread out. It’s much easier and cost effective to rent a car and drive yourself instead of using taxis. There was a big group of us so we rented a large van. 

Visiting Cuevas Del Drach or Dragon Caves in the town of Porto Cristo is something you should probably do when you are in Majorca. It’s not every day that you can walk through these huge caves with ginormous limestone structure and underwater lakes. This is a big tourist attraction but still pretty cool to see. You can buy tickets beforehand that includes the relaxing show at the end. There is a classical music concert on Lake Martel which is towards the very end of the walking cave tour. The musicians are playing classical instruments on row boats that are lit up. It’s not a long show but it’s pretty cool to watch. My friends and I all thought about how cool a cave party would be.

Dragon Caves Crew 

After the caves, we wanted to soak in some sunshine and lay out. We went to Playa de S’Amarador and hung out there for hourssss. It definitely felt like I was on vacation. They have umbrellas and lounge chairs you can rent. Luckily, we were strategically placed near the bar and mini kitchen they had. We had an endless supply of pizza, ice cream and wine. =)

I love how my friends and I meet up in different countries all over the world!

Have you met our girl band group?! Mini Van!!! LOL! #strikeapose

Majorca was a nice change of scenery and pace from Marrakesh. Definitely needed this relaxing time before going on the next legs of my trip to Ibiza and London.

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