Are You Ready to Truly THRIVE in Mind, Body and Soul with Clarity and Confidence?

Are You Ready to Finally Change Your Life for the Better and Discover How to Truly THRIVE?

For the first time… I’ve put together a course that has my exact formulas, practices and rituals that I used to radically change my life.
I used to feel anxious, lost and coped using unhealthy and toxic habits like alcohol and drug abuse. Even though on the outside, I looked like I had everything under control, inside I was depressed and looking for meaning and purpose in my life. I had PTSD from childhood trauma that I never addressed and it was ruining my life.
It wasn’t until I overdosed and had a near-death experience that I truly WOKE UP.
It wasn’t until I started looking inward and investing myself, speaking my truth and really going through the deep and painful soul work that I truly started healing.
Through meditation, holistic health and wellness and working with healers, mentors and coaches… I started seeing mayor transforming my life.
Since then, I found the courage to speak out publicly about my childhood sexual abuse. I am an activist and advocate for sexual violence. I launched my YouTube channel and Thriver Lifestyle Podcast. I started working 1 on 1 with women to help them transform past trauma into triumph and empower them to heal from the inside out. I have a business that is aligned with my soul purpose, makes an impact on women’s lives and creates abundance in my life!
I’ve seen the huge transformation from my clients and he shifts in their mindsets. They have expanded their awareness, found inner peace, clarity, confidence and happiness to pursue the life they truly desire!
Do you want to achieve true happiness and wake up every day feeling grateful, energized, with clarity, and full of light?!
You know you deserve to thrive right…?
Do you want to make healthy lifestyle changes that actually stick?
Well, what if I told you, there exists proven methods and techniques to unleashing your full potential?
Would you be willing to let go of your preconceived notions instilled in you by society about what being happy truly looks like?
Would you be willing to take action and change your life now so that you can discover a peace and happiness you’ve only dreamt of?
But for a limited time only, I will be working with 8 Magical Thrivers for 8 weeks this May. I am offering my course for a one-time low introductory offer because I want to work closely with a small group, create massive change and impact and get genuine feedback before I launch it big later on this year!
This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity just for
During the 8 weeks, we will meet on 8 live group coaching calls and you have my full support (as your new mentor and coach!) plus your tribe’s support!
There will be weekly course work and daily practices to implement. You will be held accountable for all of this so that you can TRULY TRANSFORM and see the changes within yourself and in your life!
If you are ready to truly change your life and THRIVE…
Click below to reserve your spot before it’s too late! I close access to my program THIS FRIDAY, April 27. This introductory offer won’t last long, claim your spot and take back control of your life now!


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