A Nice Layover in Nice, France

One of my favorite things about traveling in Europe is the accessibility to so many different cities and countries all within a short train and plane ride away. In this recent Eurotrip, I visited 9 cities and 5 countries in 18 days.

Whenever I have a long travel day, I sometimes like to add a long layover so that I can squeeze in another city. Sometimes it’s nice to stretch my legs and get out of the airport to enjoy the local cuisine, wander around a little bit, explore, take photos and even enjoy a glass of wine or two.

On our way to Marrakesh, Morocco from Mykonos, Greece, my friend and I had a layover in Nice, France. It was the perfect day to eat lunch, walk around the Boardwalk and hang out before hopping back on a plane to catch the connecting flight.

If you are ever in the South of France, you MUST have rose wine. The Provence region of France has some of best and most elegant rose wines. During hot summer days, they add ice to the rose wines to keep it chilled. So refreshing!

The iconic, Hotel Negresco in Nice, France

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