A Mellow Side of Mykonos, Greece

After a super fun time in Santorini, my friend, Dannielle, and I hopped on a fast ferry to Mykonos. Every time you mention Mykonos to anyone, everyone always talks about their crazy fun parties!

We were only staying in Mykonos for 12 hours and we did NOT feel like partying or being around loud music. We wanted to wander the shops and stores, dine al fresco and enjoy our time leisurely. People told us we came to the wrong place to relax but I beg to differ. In those few hours in Mykonos, I saw a softer and more mellow side that makes me want to revisit in again. Maybe my next visit will be longer and I can explore the beach resorts and day clubs.

After checking into our Airbnb, we walked to a restaurant called Niko’s Taverna, recommended by our Airbnb host. This cute place was a local favorite so we pulled up a chair, ordered food, a bottle of rose and spent a couple of hours people watching. It was soooo relaxing. The weather was perfect and not too hot or humid. The service was great and the food was delicious.

Rose wine and Greek salad at Niko’s Taverna

After our meal, we walked around Mykonos Town. It is like a maze! I was using my iPhone GPS to get around and the winding streets were still confusing. There are tons of small alley ways and they are filled with cool shops and art galleries. Mykonos is such a beautiful island and has a very different charm that Santorini.

* Travel Tip – Many of the shops sell the same things (accessories, souvenirs, olive oil products, etc.) so compare prices at various shops and don’t forget to haggle. It’s perfectly acceptable in these souvenir shops and stores to ask for a discount. The shops inside of Mykonos town were more inclined to give a larger discount than the stores right by the pier because those stores got a lot more foot traffic. 

I couldn’t resist all the photo opportunities with the white buildings and stone walkways. Photo with the blue door? Sure why not!

While we were walking around, we noticed that Mykonos had a lot of small and really amazing art galleries. This was something that I didn’t see in Santorini too much. They had traditional Greek art sculptures and pieces as well as modern and contemporary art.

Handmade glass sculptures of fish that was commissioned by a newly wed couple to symbolize the joining of their families, prosperity and good fortune. 

Greek Evil Eye statue to ward off matiasma 

The Greek “Evil Eye” symbol was everywhere; in paintings, sculptures, jewelry and accessories. According to the traditional belief, matiasma evil eye that brings bad luck can result from many different causes; jealousy, envy, and transferring the negative energy to a material with the eye. To protect ourselves evil eye, bad luck or matiasma; we can wear Greek mati bracelets, Greek blue eye charms, evil eye necklaces, bracelets, rings or any jewelry with the blue evil eye beads and symbol on it. The person carrying on any object with the evil eye beads or mataki keeps away matiasma or evil eye from him or herself.

Enjoying the sunset in Mykonos at Salparo

After walking and wandering around, we decided we didn’t want to waste another opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous sunset so we sat down by the water at this restaurant called Salparo. We had espressos and desserts. There are tons of cats that roam the streets (I’m a cat lady so that made me SOOO HAPPY!) and many walk around the outdoor restaurants. You can feed them while you enjoy the sunsets as well. They’re harmless and so cute!

* Travel Tip – Sit down at one of these seaside restaurants early before the crowd arrives to enjoy the beautiful colors that light up the sky while you are sitting down and relaxing. 

Views at night when the lights turn on. It’s such a peaceful sight to see.

Overall, I really enjoyed my short day in Mykonos. It was mellow, relaxing and just what I needed. I was able to shop a little, eat and didn’t feel rushed. Now THAT is what a vacation is all about right?! I will definitely be back again Mykonos!

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