Banana & Mixed Nut Butter Toast (Super easy to make!)

I often get asked how I am able to  come up with different plant-based dishes often. There’s a misconception that eating plant-based is bland and boring. It’s actually quite the opposite! The food I eat now is even more colorful because I eat a lot more vegetables. It’s also super creative and I love finding new ways to recreate my former favorites with meat into a meatless version.

Here are 2 tips for those who are trying to eat more plant-based food or transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

1. Educate yourself on the many options and alternatives you have. Do your own research. Follow FB and IG accounts that have plant-based recipes for inspiration. I have actually widened my food knowledge and use healthy ingredients that I didn’t use before. There are tons of plant-based sources of protein like the chia seeds I used on top of my toast this morning. Recipe below.

2. Stock your kitchen with healthy, plant-based options so you can easily make yourself something good to eat. I always have ingredients like quinoa, legumes, different types of nuts, chia seeds, frozen fruits and vegetables, cauliflower rice and various fruits and vegetables in my kitchen. Meal prep so you have food readily available when you get hungry (I get hangry). I tend to make unhealthy food choices when I’m hangry so I prepare ahead of time.

Whipped this up in 10 minutes from staples I had in my kitchen.


* Mixed Nut Butter and Banana Toast *

Toasted rye bread with vegan butter

Topped it with mixed nut butter (it’s a Trader Joes brand that is a mix of almonds, cashews, pecans, brazil nuts and walnuts), bananas, sliced almonds and chia seeds.

* Adaptogenic mushrooms & cacao vegan latte *

Mix in blender: 8 mushrooms blend (cordyceps, reishi, lions mane, shiitake, miatake, chaga, turkey tail, oyster), MCT oil, he shou wu, pine pollen, raw cacao, stevia, cashew milk

Blend for 5-10 seconds for a frothy and delicious latte!


What plant-based staples do you have in your kitchen?


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