MWM – My Journey Going Plant-Based

I get a lot of questions about my plant-based lifestyle and I talk about my journey in this video. I used to be a huge meat eater and ate meat for every meal. I also used to be a food writer/blogger so eating was my passion and career! I still LOVE food but now I have a more conscious approach to my food which doesn’t include eating a sentient being.

It was a gradual lifestyle change that started over 2 years ago and I have never felt better in my life! My skin is better, I naturally lost weight, I have more energy and I’m delving deeper in my spiritual practice more than ever before because I eat food that is filed with life force! This isn’t just a diet either. For me it’s part of my conscious lifestyle. When you realize that animals are also sentient beings who feel pain, loss and suffer, I don’t find joy in being a part of that vicious cycle. Factory farming conditions are literally hell for these poor animals and most of them are sick with tumors and cancers that you end up eating. You end up consuming food that has no life force energy and only adds to your own health demise. We are polluting and destroying our environment, our precious Mother Earth, even more when we support that industry because of all their wastes, gases, the amount of grains and food they consume, etc.

If you say you are an animal lover and you love your cats, dogs, etc. and get angry over elephants and rhinos being poached… Have you ever thought about the animals that end up on your plate? I see my 2 cats with vibrant and distinct personalities and know that pigs, cows, chickens, etc. all have that to. We can survive and THRIVE on a plant-based lifestyle.

Everyone’s journey and motivations are different. I believe everyone should do their own research and experiment on what works for you. It took me a while to transition into this lifestyle. Some movies I suggest you watch are:

Forks over Knives
Live and Let Live

All I know is that my conscious choices not only affect my own health and my reality, but also have a ripple effect to our whole world. We are all connected and our choices impact so many lives.




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