How I Got Featured in Podcasts, Articles & TV!

That picture above was taken right after I finished filming with Jannelle So for her TV show “SO Jannelle” in Los Angeles.

Exactly this time last year, I decided to take ownership of my story and my holistic business. I knew I had an inspiring story to share with the world that would really be able to change lives, heal others and empower people. But I had no clue where to even start and I was feeling so overwhelmed!

All I knew was that I was ready to learn and grow. I was ready to get my message out to the world. I was ready to get publicity and media attention.

Why? Because I would be doing a disservice to myself and to the world for staying small and not stepping into my purpose!

Fast forward just a couple of months and I started guesting on several podcasts, interviewed on TV and quoted or featured in articles. I’m still getting media opportunities! I’ll be in LA next week and will be interviewed on TV and guesting on a podcast.

Want to know how I did that? I had a secret weapon! Well it’s not so secret anymore because I’m going to tell you… I got an AMAZZZIIIING Publicity Mentor! Selena Soo has changed the game for me and she can for you too!

Selena has been endorsed by people like Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Derek Halpern, and Lewis Howes. Her work has been featured on places like &


Do you ever notice how some people have skyrocketed in their careers?

It seems like they came out of nowhere. And suddenly, they’re getting big TV opportunities, magazine features, TED Talks, and 6-figure book deals, and people line up and pay big money for their products and programs. They seem like these fearless go-getters that most of us could never dream of being… I felt that same exact way.

But they weren’t born that way – they’re just like you and me. In fact, many of them felt invisible as little as one or two years ago.

Which means…you can do exactly what they’re doing. Even if you’ve thought:

–“I don’t have an ‘extraordinary story.’”
–“I have no media connections and wouldn’t even know where to start.”
–“I’m embarrassed for people to see my website.”
–“I’m not even sure how to explain what I do.”
–Or….“I’m an introvert. I’m not comfortable in the spotlight.”

I was saying ALL of those things last year. Except for the introvert part because you all know I’m pretty extroverted. =P

If you’ve said any of those things, yet still have a dream of doing something bigger this year, comment below with a “YES!”

I will add you to my FREE PRIVATE GROUP for creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and service providers. In this group, I will be sharing valuable publicity tips and solutions to get in front of big media opportunities.

Here’s me with my awesome mentor when she was visiting Miami! 🙂


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