MWM – Giving and Unboxing My Wild & Wise Sisterhood Subscription Box

This video is going up just a couple of days shy of November 2017. November is the start of the holiday season, Thanksgiving and this week I wanted to talk about GIVING. As Tony Robbins says, “The secret to living is giving.” Words that I truly believe as well. The more you give, without expecting anything back, the Universe will give you more.

For this episode of Mondays with Marian, I talk about the many ways you can give and it doesn’t always mean money. You can also give your time, which sometimes is even more helpful than money. You can also give by conscious spending. Check out my video below for all the various ways you can practice Giving from the heart.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ecHWbAl0Mc[/embedyt]

I also show the unboxing of my Wild and Wise Sisterhood Subscription Box! I love it and so excited to share this with you, just in time for the Season of Giving!

So many beautiful and unique pieces!

I am so proud to introduce you to the Wild and Wise Sisterhood, created by my friend Christa Thompson, founder of Wild and Wise Women. When you join the Wild and Wise Sisterhood, you have the power to change your life, the lives of these artisans and the world in incredible ways with just about $1 a day.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get inside Your Premium Sisterhood Subscription Box:

  • 6 to 8 uniquely handcrafted gifts that have been selected by Christa, the founder, just for you – these range from housewares and art forms to stationery, jewelry, and intricate accessories to enhance your daily life.
  • Framable 5×7 card featuring a beautiful quote and personal message from your founder and Soul Sister, Christa.
  • A Share the Love card so that your friends and loved ones can enjoy $10 off their first box as new members!
  • Story cards that introduce you to the artisans and art forms represented in your box so that you can learn more about the heritage and story behind your box.
  • Regular updates on the impact you’re making through the Sisterhood’s Wild and Wise SETU Projects and partnership with Matr Boomie.
  • Anywhere from $150 to $200+ worth of exclusive, meaningful gifts delivered to you 4x per year for just $99/box (That means you’ll enjoy $50 to $100+ in savings with every box!).

… all for less than the cost of a cup of black coffee each day?

Not to mention that each product is committed to Fair Trade practices, is created with anti-slave, anti-child and anti-sweatshop labor, is sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly and so much more! This truly is a new kind of movement that positively and significantly impacts lives and the planet!

There just aren’t many subscription boxes out there who are more concerned with changing lives than maximizing profits. Christa and the Wild and Wise Sisterhood are donating an unheard of 15% of all gross revenues ($15 per box / over 30x what other companies with similar initiatives contribute) to help improve on healthcare, education, working conditions, and quality of life in the communities of the artisans who contributed to your box.

We have two current “bonuses”:
#1.  Here’s your $10 off promo coupon:  IAmLoved
#2. Along with the subscription, each member of the Sisterhood will have an exclusive invitation to MONTHLY live coaching / workshops and we’d love for you to have the opportunity to come to a live session with Christa and I together!

This is such an incredible movement, an amazing opportunity, and I hope you can JOIN THE SISTERHOOD!

Rocking my colorful and gorgeous sari headband from my box


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