I Finished the 10 Day Master Cleanse Detox!

I just finished the 10 Day Master Cleanse aka the Lemonade Diet! WOOHOO! I actually did it! For those of you who have heard about it or have done the Master Cleanse, you know that it is not easy. It takes a lot of dedication, preparation and mental will power. For those of you who have never heard about it, it’s a pretty intense diet that consists of lemonade, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, detox laxative teas at night and a salt water flush right when you wake up. For 10 Days, you do not eat or drink anything else. You can find more detailed info on The Master Cleanse website.


I have done a few days of other juice detox diets but this was my first Master Cleanse and the longest at 10 days. I had always wanted to try to do this but I was always hesitant because I knew it was super difficult and I didn’t want to be doing it while I was traveling. The last few months I was traveling a lot, eating and drinking too much and feeling low in energy. I need to do something intense to shake things up for me. I also wanted to test myself. I’m a huge foodie so I knew this would be extra difficult for me but I wanted to challenge my will power. I knew I had to change my mindset and discipline myself if I wanted to complete this detox. So I finally said, fuck it! Let’s give this a go!

There is a recommended EASE IN period but I didn’t do this. Most websites recommend that you do this and the EASE OUT right after you finish the full 10 days. I just jumped right into the detox after eating some super delicious Greek food the night before. Probably not the best idea because I had ridiculous food cravings the first few days.


I started Day 1 with a salt water flush. It wasn’t too bad. I know others hate this part but they key for me was to chug it really fast in 1-2 minutes. It doesn’t taste good when you stop or sit it slowly. Just chug it down like you would a cold beer… except this is warm salty water.

Jumped right into the detox without the Ease In period. I really like the lemonade mix. I love the cayenne pepper kick to it but I love spicy food and drinks. I can see how this would be very harsh for someone who can’t handle spice. I prepped the lemonade mix the night before and put it into several water bottle so that I could easily take it with me to work and when I was out and about.

Today was difficult but totally manageable. Out of habit, I reached for something to eat a few times and I had to remind myself that I was on the detox diet. Whenever I was hungry, I just drank more of the lemonade mix. I kept telling myself that I didn’t want to be THAT person who caved in and quit on my first day. That mentally helped me push forward to complete my day.


I decided that every morning for the entire detox, I was going to say only positive intentions and affirmations that I was going to complete the cleanse and not quitting. Today wasn’t too bad either as long as I didn’t stay around food and the smell of food for too long. I got really hungry around lunch and again around dinner time.


Woke up early in the morning and did a Kundalini Yoga class and Spin class right after. I have a lot of energy. It was really difficult when I went out with friends to lunch and was smelling all the delicious food. Luckily I got through it and didn’t eat. Every time I felt hungry, I just drank my lemonade.

I allowed myself to smell food. At first I fought it because I thought it would make things worse. It actually helped! I would inhale deeply and savor the food through my sense of smell.

DAYS 4-7

I have a lot of clarity and so much energy. It’s been like clockwork. I wake up naturally early in the morning, quickly chugged the salt water flush, use the restroom, workout. Then I would go about my day for work. I drank less juice and felt less hungry.

I did notice that my teeth were getting sensitive when I brushed my teeth and I read that it’s because of the acidity of the lemon juice. I started drinking a lot of water or rinsing my mouth and teeth after I drank my detox juice. I was also getting very cold easily.

It was really on Day 5, the halfway point, that things got so much easier. I knew that if I could do 5 days, I could do 5 more. I wasn’t going to quit now.

DAYS 8-10

I had a lot of friends who were visiting town and I still went out to meet them and didn’t eat or drink. I think it was weirder for my friends to see me not eat or drink because I’m the big foodie in the group. This is when I saw the most weight dropped. I could see and feel a difference in my body and my skin glows. I used to get small pimples here and there and my face is so much clearer and smooth.


Here are some of the tips and tricks that I used to help me get through the 10 days.

  • PREPARATION IS KEY! Be prepared with your juice; make it night before and carry it with you always. If you don’t have the lemonade mix readily available, that’s when it gets difficult. I always had the mix and water with me EVERYWHERE I went, especially when I was meeting friends up to eat.
  • HYDRATE! Drink lots of water. All day… Everyday.
  • SMELL FOOD – Smelling food made me kind of “full”. So I would inhale and smell the food and it helped with the cravings.
  • MAKE A FOOD LIST – Every time I had a craving, I wrote it down. I made a list of all the food I wanted to eat and restaurants that I wanted to go to after the cleanse.
  • EYES ON THE PRIZE – Think long term. This is just a blip in the story of your life and health. I kept telling myself that this would be over before I know it. And it was!


I lost 10lbs and my skin looks so great! I have a lot of energy and I’m in a happier state of mind. Through this detox, I have been able to meditate better each morning. This was been a great reset and starting point to watching what I eat more consciously. I didn’t do the complete Ease Out period. I drank OJ and made the veggie soup the first 2 days. The 3rd day I was eating salads and fruits.

Has anyone else done the Master Cleanse? Let me know how it was for you!


* I am not a trained nutritionist. Please do your own research before attempting this diet. It’s not for everyone especially those who have pre-existing medical conditions and/or pregnant or nursing.


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  • wow! so impressive! this is definitely on my to-do list

    June 21, 2017

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