MWM – What’s Your Fire Fuel?!

Happy Monday! This week I talk about “Fire Fuel”. What the hell is that?! I didn’t have a name for it back then either. I just knew it was something I used to figuratively “set my ass on fire” to take risks, face my fears and make multiple leaps of faith. My fire fuel was wanting to prove others (primarily my parents) wrong and wanting to prove to myself that I could make a name for myself in the world. My fire fuel was not letting my past get the best of me. My fire fuel was not succumbing to the victim mentality. I knew there was an amazing life out there for me and I would stop at nothing to live it. Your “fire fuel” is your self talk, the words you say in your head to motivate you. When I was scared, felt fearful, went through some dark times, I would literally talk to myself (I know it sounds crazy but it works… It worked for me) and say “Hey YOU! If a little girl can survive all those years in living hell, this is cake. You got this. The worst is already over.” My “fire fuel” got me out of deep depression and slumps. It also helped me achieve amazing things like quit my corporate career, start my own business and move to across the country with barely any savings. I knew that the hardest part was trying. If I was able to get through years of depression and abuse, I can get through anything. Nothing is permanent. As long as I was moving forward and improving even just a little bit, things would get better.

So what’s your “Fire Fuel”? You can take a traumatic experience, a hardship, a failure, a struggle, and use that to motivate you instead of bring you down. Don’t be a victim or a survivor. Use the fire fuel to be a THRIVER.


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